About ORA

The Oromo Relief Association (ORA) has been working in the United Kingdom since its foundation in 1982. ORA UK is an independent registered charity with the British Government, charity number 284602. It works for Oromo Refugees and Asylum seekers in the UK and elsewhere.

Its main activities are: To provide a confidential advice on Immigration, Housing, Welfare benefits and interpretation and translation services for Oromo Asylum seekers and Refugees in the UK.

In order to fulfil these objectives ORA has established strong work relation with different charities in the UK. Their cooperation, support and assistance enable ORA to operates in wide fields. A number of humanitarian organisations, individuals have also contributed ORA’s efforts and this has greatly contributed towards reducing the immense suffering of Oromo people mainly in East Africa.
Over the last two years ORA’s capacity in both personnel and office with full facility have enabled ORA to render unreserved service for service users. We are extremely grateful to all our partners, donors, supporters and well-wishers such as CART, Truest For London, Cripple Gate and individual donors for their wholehearted support. Without them it would have been impossible to reach the needy asylum seekers and refugees.

The ORA UK constitutes six management committee members elected by the annual general meeting. Day to day activity is run by officers assigned by the management committee.
Currently the above services are delivered by two Volunteers, who are themselves also Oromo.

ORA charity number 284602