Background, objectives, services, how it operates.

Prospective education service (provision of English, Maths for newly arriving young children)

Girls education project:

The Girl’s Education Project seeks to help young Oromo girls who are living as refugees in Nairobi, Kenya, to start and finish secondary education. We plan to cover the cost of the girls’ school fees including stationary, travel, lunch and a contribution to their living costs.
So far, we have supported four girls through their secondary education.One girl has already graduated during summer 2013 whilst the other girls still have two years before they finish. We realised that in order to keep this project on a successful trajectory, we have to grow, and this is why we have decided to add two girls in place of the girl who graduated. In the presence of executive committee members of the Oromo community in Kenya, together with selected elders, the girls were picked by lottery from candidates submitted by their communities. As of January 2014, we have five girls being supported by this project.
The ORA Girls’ Education Project enables young women, at a crucial point in their lives, to obtain qualifications which will significantly improve future prospects for themselves, their families and their community.
By providing the equipment and the resources to allow these young girls to study, we hope that it will motivate them to continue pursuing higher education and give them the confidence to realise their potential.

In order to support the project, you can do one of the following:

  1. Donate what you can – every little bit helps. We welcome your charitable contributions for this year and pledge to put them to good use.
  2. Make a donation in honour or memory of a friend or loved-one who values education.
  3. Ask your loved-ones for a donation in your name

Thank you for joining us in this effort, together we can make a difference!