Welcome to ORA

Oromo Relief Association UK was founded by Oromos and   British well wishers in 1982 to alleviate the suffering of the Oromo people. The suffering of the Oromo people is one of Africa’s most under-reported problems. The largest ethnic group (about 40 million) in Ethiopia, hundreds of thousands of Oromos have been made refugees by famine and political persecution. This circumstance is escalating than ever.

The objectives of Oromo Relief Association UK are the relief of persecution, poverty and sickness among civilians in the Oromo areas of Ethiopia, and Oromo refugees in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, who are in need as a result of political persecution and human rights violation in Ethiopian.

We raise funds for Oromo refugees in Africa and elsewhere, who are compelled to flee their country by the aforementioned causes, for instance for food, clothes for cold and medical supplies. In the UK we operate a mother-tongue advice and signposting service for Oromo refugees and asylum seekers, helping them with welfare benefits, immigration, housing, education, interpreting and translation. We are particularly concerned with young people; we aim to help them become well-integrated British citizens while maintaining their own culture and identity. You can find detailed information about ORA by visiting a particular page of your interest on our website. Thank you for visiting and helping us.